Press release – BlueSpace Technology delivers TEMPEST equipment to Spain

The Romanian company BlueSpace Technology, the only private company in Eastern Europe producing TEMPEST equipment, announces its official entry into the Spanish market.

“After entering the Turkish market with BlueSpace Technology products a few months ago, we have now reached a new target, a market we were aiming for: Spain. The TEMPEST equipment passed the tests of the responsible authority in Madrid, the National Cryptology Centre (NCC), in May and was successfully delivered”, said Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

The National Cryptology Centre (NCC) in Spain is the organization responsible for information technology security and the protection of classified information, which coordinates the activities of different organization’s in the public administration that use encryption resources or procedures and provide information technology security in all areas.

“The test procedure of the Madrid Centre is much simplified compared to the one in Romania. A manufacturer with evaluation capabilities, as is the case with BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, must certify with the competent authority only one model equipment, versus the local situation, where each equipment is evaluated, in turn. this saves time, energy and money”, added Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY

TEMPEST products are the flagship of BlueSpace Technology, being the first type of products executed. As of 2018, they are verified in our own Measurement and Analysis Laboratory, where they test the integrity of the equipment with the national, EU and NATO standards, according to SDIP27.

“The development of export areas for TEMPEST solutions contributes to the international recognition and appreciation of the private Romanian production capacity in the defense industry. Our next expansion target is Portugal”, underlined Constantin Pintilie. More information can be found here: