Constantin PINTILIE, CEO of BlueSpace Technology, attended the conference organized by Getac Technology Corporation, a global leader in rugged mobile technology and intelligent video solutions for the defense industry and beyond, in Bologna.

“We are constantly exploring new horizons of technology to evolve at the level of products and company. We have been working for some time with this global leader in ruggedized technology and delivering TEMPEST products to customers in accordance with all national and international standards,” said Pintilie.

BLUESPACE TECHNOLOGY, the only private company producing TEMPEST equipment in Eastern Europe and the only NATO-accredited one, has an ongoing partnership with GETAC, a multinational technology company from Taiwan.

The Romanian team produces TEMPEST ruggedized equipment, tablets, and laptops for the governmental public sector in Romania, manufactured by GETAC. All equipment has TEMPEST protection capabilities and is used by national military structures and NATO.

In this context, Constantin PINTILIE met with Jerry Huang, Vice President of the RSBU Global Market Development Center, in Bologna:

“I believe we always have something to learn from each other, and each partnership brings us the opportunity to improve our products, expand our technological capacity, and better meet customer needs. TEMPEST products were the first products we executed, and since 2018, we have been testing and verifying their integrity in our own Measurement and Analysis Laboratory, in accordance with national standards, those of the European Union, and NATO,” said Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.