TEMPEST, defense and integrated security solutions.
About us

Present in the technology market, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY brings innovation and creativity, investing continuously in the development of innovative and proprietary engineering solutions. With over 6 years experience, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY provides complete solutions in the field of TEMPEST, electromagnetic shielding, defense and integrated security systems. With employees that show dedication, including a high percentage of engineers and TEMPEST industry specialists, Blue Space TECHNOLOGY designs and implements solutions for the interconnection of industrial sensors systems through the IoT (Internet of Things)

Our mission

Considering the continuously growing critical demand for accurate and secure information transmission, we are targeting to fulfill extraordinary business needs in all areas. The packages developed and implemented by BlueSpace Technology are designated for all companies in industrial and commercial sectors, service companies, local and central public administrations, and state-owned companies. The business model of our company involves the development of partnership projects with Romanian and international companies. We want the solutions developed and implemented by the company to ensure dynamism and competitiveness to our clients, thus ensuring their access to progress. Our technologically state-of-art portfolios in parallel with our high quality services help our most demanding customers to achieve its goals with the most productive way.

Certified technologies

All of our solutions are certified by the authorities that have expertise in this field and, our company has ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. So go straight with the confidence that everything we offer meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008

Information Security Management – ISO 27001:2013


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The operation of IT equipment is accompanied by the generation of electromagnetic (unintentional), radiated and driven emissions that can carry information processed by the equipment. It is possible that by intercepting and processing these emissions it can be rebuilt the processed information, which leads to their compromise. To eliminate this hazard, IT equipment which processes classified information must comply with secondary emissions requirements.


Member of The Romanian Business Association of the Military Technique Manufacturers, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY aims to develop new technological capabilities, as well as to implement the newest and most modern defense systems.

Integrated security

Adapting to the demands of today’s market needs, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, we have introduced and implemented the concept of consistent security architecture.

Our TEMPEST equipment is evaluated and complies with NATO SDIP 27 level A, B and C standards.

1.1. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Monitor

1.2. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Desktop Computers

1.3. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Laptop

1.4. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Multifunctional printer A3

1.5. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Color printer A3, A4

1.6. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Scanner A3

1.7. TEMPEST level A, B, C – Rack 19″, 42U

1.8. TEMPEST – Video Conference

1.9 VOIP Telephone

1.10 TEMPEST Powerline Filters


1.11 TEMPEST level A, B, C – Peripheral components

1.12 TEMPEST level A, B, C – Enclosures

1.13 TEMPEST level A, B, C – Network equipment

2.1. Zoning system in accordance with SDIP-28

Rapid operation, climate resistance, easy maintenance and calibration are key factors in zoning measurement in line with military standards in the industry. NATO SDIP -28 (formerly AMSG 799B) “NATO Zoning Procedures” Defines a procedure according to which individual areas within a security perimeter can be classified into Zones which then determines the standard required for installed equipment.

2.2. TEMPEST analyzing system

2.3. Complete TEMPEST analysis and evaluation laboratory according to SDIP-27 standard

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY offers a number of target options to support your range training objectives. From basic firearms qualifications courses to tactical training scenarios, it is necessary to have reliable target systems down range. Whether outfitting indoor ranges or large outdoor complexes, the diversity of our target systems ensures your training requirements.

3.1. Systems and solutions

target systems

  1. Pop-up – this mode is the basic standard configuration to raise and lower conventional targets.
  1. Sliding mode – in the sliding mode the target will be presented from left or right angles.
  1. Pop-up turning mode – in the pop-up turning mode, the system enables pop-up presentation of the target’s front, neutral and backside to train friend/foe discrimination and adequate reaction.
  1. Slashing mode (180/90) – in the 180° slashing mode the target swings into a doorway simulating an adversary rushing towards the shooter. A 90° slashing mode is available for special operations requiring confined parameters for target engagement.
  1. Friend/Enemy Turning mode – in the Friend/Foe target mode the front and backside of the target are presented randomly to train friend/enemy discrimination.
  1. Climbing mode – this mode is special for presenting targets at windows.
  1. Shearing mode – the shearing mode is the target configuration to raise the target sideways
  1. Advanced self-propelled – in this mode the targets provide enhanced situational training for any shooter. Moving target training continues to build the awareness and responsiveness that is necessary in today’s changing live-fire.

3.2. Dedicated buildings/rooms for shooting ranges

shooting range

  1. Range control tower – this area provides space for personnel that conducts training exercises, in the same time the range control tower provides space for the installation of communications gear and special equipment that controls the shooting range targets.
  1. Armored Cabins – these armored cabins are designed to procure security and comfort for personnel that executes their duties without getting harmed.

4.1. Radio scanning system

4.2. Antennas

4.3. Digital receiver

4.4. Shielding measurement system 1KHz ÷ 11GHz

4.5. HF Distributor for Radio Management – RF Switch Matrix

  • For professional radio antennas systems management;
  • Customized on the numbers of antennas and receptors/users; Non-blocking access on inputs;
  • Local/Remote automatic commutation inside the radio frequency distribution matrix;
  • Application for system management and hardware control;
  • Users monitoring application functionality;
  • Related applications integration for unitary and user-friendly utility.

  RF Switch Matrix  products: