Solutions for Romanian Research Presented at the Conference “Romania – The Pole of Research and Innovation”

Constantin PINTILIE, CEO of BlueSpace Technology, participated today, February 20th, in the conference “Romania – The Pole of Research and Innovation,” held at the Victoria Palace.

“Throughout history, technological innovations have transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. Our individual, professional, and personal future depends on our creative and innovative capacity,” stated Constantin Pintilie.

During his speech, the founder of BlueSpace Technology highlighted that in Romania, the school curriculum does not reflect the accelerated development of current technology and market needs. Young people choose to leave for countries where there is predictability:

Everyone wonders why our youth are leaving? And not all, only those with exceptional results. Why do they leave? Because those who want to build something, those who want to develop in their careers, choose places where the social environment is based on predictable rules, on the desire to act. In the last 30 years, significant resources have been allocated to the research sector in Romania, but without continuous dialogue and efficient coordination between the education or research system and representatives from the Romanian industry.”

On this occasion, Constantin Pintilie proposed several concrete solutions to improve the quality of education and research:

• Introduction of a co-financing amount for all National Research and Development Institutes (INCDs) in technological development activities.

• Project topics to be proposed by SMEs or through employers’ associations.

• Launching funding lines for bringing products to the market.

• Public funds allocated for research and development activities to conclude with a supply contract of the product to the beneficiary, thus achieving a high-tech development of the product, product maturation, job creation, and implicitly a high profitability return on investment (ROI).

The event was attended by: Mircea Abrudean, Secretary-General of the Government of Romania, Florin Marian Spătaru, State Counselor, Laszlo Borbely, State Counselor, Silvia Monica Dinică, President of the Senate Committee on Science, Innovation, and Technology of Romania, academicians, experts, and representatives from the private sector.

In conclusion, the founder of BlueSpace Technology stated:

“After 30 years, I believe it is time to conduct applied research on the real needs of the market economy. And for that, we depend on you. Today’s greatest need is for you, the political and military decision-makers, to act perfectly in support of Romanian companies that develop and create Romanian products in Romania. Only then will we have applied and accelerated development, a competitive technical component, real researchers, and producers in Romania, and only then will we have country brands.”

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