BlueSpace Technology at BSDA2023

The company’s CEO, Constantin Pintilie, attended the #BSDA 2023 Conference:

“For too long we have been buying only what our consultants tell us – “it must be a famous brand”, from masks to missiles to airships, everything military. We see foreign companies easily qualified because they have similar experience, while Romanian companies often work in second hand.

30 years ago, when I admired my uncle who was part of the team that made the Romanian 30mm anti-aircraft gun, I set myself the goal of one day putting my signature on something made in my country.

Here I am today, proudly representing BlueSpace Technology. But for innovation to make its way into local business, I think it is important that there is a willingness among political and military decision-makers to encourage Romanian companies to act with flexibility rather than complacency, and that there is the ambition and pride to produce locally and to stop being dependent on other countries.” – Pintilie declared.