Certifications, Accreditations, Recognitions

SR EN ISO 9001:2015, issued by the SRAC certification body

SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018, issued by the OEC certification body

EN ISO 13485:2016, issued by the SRAC certification body

SR EN ISO 14001:2015, issued by the IMAB certification body

SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, issued by the RENAR Accreditation Body – TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and shielded enclosures

OMCAS Certification, issued by Military Certification, Accreditation and Supervision body, for implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements contained in Allied Quality Assurance Publication AQAP 2110 (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production) and AQAP 2210 (NATO Supplementary Software Quality Assurance Requirements to AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310) applicable for: Research, design and development in the field of IT&C and engineering. Production and sale of electronic and electromechanical software, equipment, systems and subassemblies. Maintenance activities and services in the field of IT and Security. 

ORNISS AccreditationTEMPEST manufacturing entity with TEMPEST assessment capabilities in accordance with the Methodology for accreditation of entities carrying out TEMPEST production activities – INFOSEC 15

NCIA Recognition (NATO Communications and Information Agency), TEMPEST Vendor

UE Recognition, TEMPEST Vendor

IGPR Operating License – Design, installation, modification or maintenance of burglar alarm components or systems

IGSU Authorizations – Installation and maintenance of fire signaling, alarm and alert systems and installations

IGSU Authorizations – Design of fire signaling, alarm and alert systems and installations

ANCEX – License for carrying out export / import / transfer operations of military products of category ML14

Authorization no. 94 / 07.05.2021, issued by the resort Ministry, for carrying out activities necessary for the production of military products and registration in the single register of economic operators and production capacities and / or defense services

NCAGE: 1GNYL, issued by the Ministry of National Defense – National Codification Bureau – NATO Code Allocation Certificate