Live Demonstration of Romania’s First Drone Jamming System

Our team conducted a live demonstration of a drone jamming system with the portable system developed by BlueSpace Technology, the first 100% Romanian-made device!

Given the security incident at Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport, we believe it is crucial for Romania to be prepared for such situations.

“Our system is adaptable and capable of countering various drones used by different individuals for a range of applications. The incident at Kogălniceanu was likely a test to see someone’s reaction. The Romanian Army should increase the trust given to companies that manufacture Romanian products,” stated Constantin Pintilie, CEO of BlueSpace Technology.

The live demonstration can be viewed in the coverage provided by the Observator team from Antena 1.


Solutions for Romanian Research Presented at the Conference “Romania – The Pole of Research and Innovation”

Constantin PINTILIE, CEO of BlueSpace Technology, participated today, February 20th, in the conference “Romania – The Pole of Research and Innovation,” held at the Victoria Palace.

“Throughout history, technological innovations have transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. Our individual, professional, and personal future depends on our creative and innovative capacity,” stated Constantin Pintilie.

During his speech, the founder of BlueSpace Technology highlighted that in Romania, the school curriculum does not reflect the accelerated development of current technology and market needs. Young people choose to leave for countries where there is predictability:

Everyone wonders why our youth are leaving? And not all, only those with exceptional results. Why do they leave? Because those who want to build something, those who want to develop in their careers, choose places where the social environment is based on predictable rules, on the desire to act. In the last 30 years, significant resources have been allocated to the research sector in Romania, but without continuous dialogue and efficient coordination between the education or research system and representatives from the Romanian industry.”

On this occasion, Constantin Pintilie proposed several concrete solutions to improve the quality of education and research:

• Introduction of a co-financing amount for all National Research and Development Institutes (INCDs) in technological development activities.

• Project topics to be proposed by SMEs or through employers’ associations.

• Launching funding lines for bringing products to the market.

• Public funds allocated for research and development activities to conclude with a supply contract of the product to the beneficiary, thus achieving a high-tech development of the product, product maturation, job creation, and implicitly a high profitability return on investment (ROI).

The event was attended by: Mircea Abrudean, Secretary-General of the Government of Romania, Florin Marian Spătaru, State Counselor, Laszlo Borbely, State Counselor, Silvia Monica Dinică, President of the Senate Committee on Science, Innovation, and Technology of Romania, academicians, experts, and representatives from the private sector.

In conclusion, the founder of BlueSpace Technology stated:

“After 30 years, I believe it is time to conduct applied research on the real needs of the market economy. And for that, we depend on you. Today’s greatest need is for you, the political and military decision-makers, to act perfectly in support of Romanian companies that develop and create Romanian products in Romania. Only then will we have applied and accelerated development, a competitive technical component, real researchers, and producers in Romania, and only then will we have country brands.”

For more information about BlueSpace Technology, you can visit:

Interview with Constantin Pintilie, CEO of BlueSpace Technology – “Invest in Romania” show, Ziarul Financiar

Constantin Pintilie, the CEO of BlueSpace Technology, explains in an interview with Ziarul Financiar why innovation is the motto of the cyber & defense business:

“Seven years ago, we had a vision, that of producing Romanian products in Romania. At that time, we found a market dominated by traders and consultants, a market where production had no place. That’s why today, whatever you try to develop, whatever you do, is more than what exists. Throughout the years of activity, we encountered fear and distrust regarding Romanian products. BlueSpace Technology aims to demonstrate that it is possible in Romania. We have the capacity to bring innovation to this industry.”

The full interview can be watched below:

Link to the interview on YouTube

PRESS RELEASE – BlueSpace Technology CEO Constantin Pintilie’s Participation in BSDA 2023

Constantin Pintilie, CEO of BlueSpace Technology, took part in the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace (BSDA) 2023 International Conference held at the National Military Circle. On this occasion, he delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of innovation for the future and the maintenance of national security.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time? Our individual, professional, and personal future depends on our creative and innovative capacity. Creativity and innovation are essential for the professions of the future,” stated Pintilie.

This year’s BSDA conference focused on the Challenges of security and safety in a continuously changing environment & advanced technologies. The company’s CEO opened the panel on Order, Safety, and Cybersecurity.

“The differentiating factor of BlueSpace Technology across all business segments is undoubtedly our in-house production capability, research, and development. This provides us with flexibility, speed, and expertise in finding the best solutions for our clients. The research and development component is what allows us to develop and implement things that are useful to those around us,” declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

As a novelty in the field of cybersecurity, the 100% Romanian company is currently developing an open encryption platform for Romanian government authorities or civilian applications.

“We are working on an open encryption platform to improve operational efficiency. We also aim to develop hardware equipment: data diodes that can clearly separate red/black zones, provide backups for databases, or transmit documents between two networks of the same or different classification,” added Constantin Pintilie.

The event, organized by TNT Productions Romania in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, saw the participation of government officials, leaders, and experts from the defense industry, as well as representatives from the private sector.

About BlueSpace Technology

BlueSpace Technology is a 100% Romanian company founded in 2016, the only private manufacturer of TEMPEST equipment in Eastern Europe, and the only NATO-accredited company.

BlueSpace Technology officially authorised to use 5G infrastructure equipment

The company BlueSpace Technology has obtained authorization for the use of 5G infrastructure equipment, according to the Prime Minister’s decision published in the Official Gazette on 20 June 2023.

Electronic communications is a dynamic, evolving field with significant influences on many sectors of activity. As a result, the way in which technologies, equipment and software are designed to operate has a direct impact on the security of electronic communications networks and services, and therefore on the areas of national security and defense.

According to current legislation, only technologies, equipment and software delivered by pre-approved manufacturers can be used in 5G networks.

Obtaining the authorization of our company according to the law no. 163/2021 on the adoption of measures related to information and communication infrastructures of national interest and the conditions for the implementation of 5G networks will allow us to further develop products adapted to the technological reality, at the highest security standards.

Press release – BlueSpace Technology delivers TEMPEST equipment to Spain

The Romanian company BlueSpace Technology, the only private company in Eastern Europe producing TEMPEST equipment, announces its official entry into the Spanish market.

“After entering the Turkish market with BlueSpace Technology products a few months ago, we have now reached a new target, a market we were aiming for: Spain. The TEMPEST equipment passed the tests of the responsible authority in Madrid, the National Cryptology Centre (NCC), in May and was successfully delivered”, said Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

The National Cryptology Centre (NCC) in Spain is the organization responsible for information technology security and the protection of classified information, which coordinates the activities of different organization’s in the public administration that use encryption resources or procedures and provide information technology security in all areas.

“The test procedure of the Madrid Centre is much simplified compared to the one in Romania. A manufacturer with evaluation capabilities, as is the case with BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, must certify with the competent authority only one model equipment, versus the local situation, where each equipment is evaluated, in turn. this saves time, energy and money”, added Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY

TEMPEST products are the flagship of BlueSpace Technology, being the first type of products executed. As of 2018, they are verified in our own Measurement and Analysis Laboratory, where they test the integrity of the equipment with the national, EU and NATO standards, according to SDIP27.

“The development of export areas for TEMPEST solutions contributes to the international recognition and appreciation of the private Romanian production capacity in the defense industry. Our next expansion target is Portugal”, underlined Constantin Pintilie. More information can be found here:

BlueSpace Technology at BSDA2023

The company’s CEO, Constantin Pintilie, attended the #BSDA 2023 Conference:

“For too long we have been buying only what our consultants tell us – “it must be a famous brand”, from masks to missiles to airships, everything military. We see foreign companies easily qualified because they have similar experience, while Romanian companies often work in second hand.

30 years ago, when I admired my uncle who was part of the team that made the Romanian 30mm anti-aircraft gun, I set myself the goal of one day putting my signature on something made in my country.

Here I am today, proudly representing BlueSpace Technology. But for innovation to make its way into local business, I think it is important that there is a willingness among political and military decision-makers to encourage Romanian companies to act with flexibility rather than complacency, and that there is the ambition and pride to produce locally and to stop being dependent on other countries.” – Pintilie declared.

PRESS RELEASE – Bluespace TECHNOLOGY launches the first 100% Romanian drone jamming system

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY launches an innovative new product, the UAS drone combat system, the first of its kind manufactured in Romania.

The BS-JDP01 is a non-kinetic, portable and self-contained defensive equipment designed to neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by disrupting the main signals used by commercial UAS and S-UAS systems.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of the first anti-drone system made in Romania with local resources. The product has a range of 2 kilometers and has been tested and evaluated positively by the Ministry of National Defense. An important attribute is that it does not cause interference on existing communication networks outside the operating range,” declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

The Romanian anti-drone system, which uses circular polarized directional antennas with reduced side lobes, is effective against unmanned aerial vehicles operating individually or in groups (swarms) and provides signal jamming in multiple, independent frequency bands. The equipment has an ergonomic design, being resistant to environmental factors, shocks and vibrations. It does not require long special training, the mode of operation being of the eye-and-shoot type.

“We are a dynamic team with a policy of continuous product development, and the intense activity of our R&D department allows us to constantly adapt to new technologies. The first Romanian anti-drone system is intended for both the national and international markets”, declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

More information about the company can be found here:

BlueSpace Technology enters the Turkish market

BlueSpace Technology enters the Turkish market! In collaboration with the CANON division in Turkey, our team has brought a series of multifunctional printers to TEMPEST standards and norms. This multifunctional equipment upgrade in our NATO accredited TEMPEST lab will ensure maximum security for the protection of classified information.

We are thus demonstrating that Romanian companies also have a say in the international cyber & military defense market.

BlueSpace Technology enters the Turkish market! In collaboration with the CANON division in Turkey, our team has brought a series of multifunctional printers to TEMPEST standards and norms. This multifunctional equipment upgrade in our NATO accredited TEMPEST lab will ensure maximum security for the protection of classified information.

We are thus demonstrating that Romanian companies also have a say in the international cyber & military defense market.

We thank our partners in Turkey for their trust. Projects go on!