BlueSpace Technology officially authorised to use 5G infrastructure equipment

The company BlueSpace Technology has obtained authorization for the use of 5G infrastructure equipment, according to the Prime Minister’s decision published in the Official Gazette on 20 June 2023.

Electronic communications is a dynamic, evolving field with significant influences on many sectors of activity. As a result, the way in which technologies, equipment and software are designed to operate has a direct impact on the security of electronic communications networks and services, and therefore on the areas of national security and defense.

According to current legislation, only technologies, equipment and software delivered by pre-approved manufacturers can be used in 5G networks.

Obtaining the authorization of our company according to the law no. 163/2021 on the adoption of measures related to information and communication infrastructures of national interest and the conditions for the implementation of 5G networks will allow us to further develop products adapted to the technological reality, at the highest security standards.