PRESS RELEASE – Bluespace TECHNOLOGY launches the first 100% Romanian drone jamming system

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY launches an innovative new product, the UAS drone combat system, the first of its kind manufactured in Romania.

The BS-JDP01 is a non-kinetic, portable and self-contained defensive equipment designed to neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by disrupting the main signals used by commercial UAS and S-UAS systems.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of the first anti-drone system made in Romania with local resources. The product has a range of 2 kilometers and has been tested and evaluated positively by the Ministry of National Defense. An important attribute is that it does not cause interference on existing communication networks outside the operating range,” declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

The Romanian anti-drone system, which uses circular polarized directional antennas with reduced side lobes, is effective against unmanned aerial vehicles operating individually or in groups (swarms) and provides signal jamming in multiple, independent frequency bands. The equipment has an ergonomic design, being resistant to environmental factors, shocks and vibrations. It does not require long special training, the mode of operation being of the eye-and-shoot type.

“We are a dynamic team with a policy of continuous product development, and the intense activity of our R&D department allows us to constantly adapt to new technologies. The first Romanian anti-drone system is intended for both the national and international markets”, declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

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