Export of TEMPEST equipment to Hungary

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY enters the Hungarian market by selling own romanian TEMPEST equipment. Thus, it becomes the only Romanian exporter on this branch of technology.

Renowned manufacturer of TEMPEST equipment in the local technology market, the Romanian company BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY quickly established itself through innovation and robust capabilities, activating in multiple fields of defense engineering.

Due to the efforts supported by the production volume and the standards obtained, the recognition of the performance allowed the company to become an accredited exporter in Bulgaria. The rise has continued and today the business is thriving in Eastern Europe, as it goes beyond another border – the TEMPEST equipment developed by BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is sold in Hungary.

”To identify new business directions and strategc partnerships, at national and international level.”

Excerpt from the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY mission

This is possible thanks to the new partnership between BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY and Scorpio, a major distributor for the Hungarian security, civilian and military industries. This collaboration once again reflects Romania’s potential to develop and exploit its own resources, supported by the opportunities that the advancement of technology offers.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY shows a permanent concern for Romanian know-how and resources, constantly investing in their support, improvement and promotion. The growth of the export area is inevitable and this collaboration contributes to the international recognition and appreciation of Romanian companies and local capabilities.

Currently, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the only company in Romania that meets all national, European and NATO standards to be a manufacturer and supplier of TEMEPST equipment.

Editors’ Note:

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY started its activity in the private defense industry in 2016 and offers its customers, from the market leader position, IT security solutions, electromagnetic shielding solutions, software applications and engineering, radio and telecommunications solutions. The company has in its portfolio RENAR Accreditation according to which, through the TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and shielded enclosures, it meets the requirements SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and ORNISS Accreditation, according to which it is certified as a manufacturing entity in the TEMPEST field, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities, in in accordance with the Methodology on the accreditation of entities carrying out production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15. At international level, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the Romanian company that has managed to meet all the criteria required to be recognized in the European Union as a TEMPEST producer and which met NATO accreditation criteria.