New All-in-One TEMPEST System – BSAiO-i7N-TA

BSAiO-i7N-TA – The only TEMPEST All-in-One system that offers a 4k experience and a new level of information protection

We are certainly better engineers than prose writers, but a good topic needs to be shared!

As a well recognized manufacturer of TEMPEST equipment, our work is focused on the concern and effort to find modern and efficient technological solutions, in order to achieve superior performance parameters, but also to protect classified and confidential data both during processing as well as during storage.

Identify and respond to customer needs by integrating innovative technologies”

Excerpt from the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY mission

In this context, we announce the new TEMPEST AiO UHD product with a diagonal of 27”, with high information processing performance, which will considerably improve the experience of TEMPEST equipment users. The system is equipped with the 10th generation i7 Processor, RAM memory up to 64GB DDR4-2666, 4K UHD graphics interface at 60H and many other technical specifications corresponding to a state-of-the-art product.

In addition, the AiO product is designed with special data protection functions, being a TEMPEST level A system according to NATO SDIP 27/2 and EU IASG 7-03, which has the encryption of data from the SSD and the prohibition of extracting the storage medium without biometric confirmation of the person’s identity.

As special measures to allow the display of classified data in rooms equipped with projectors or larger display devices, a 4k UHD video output port with 60Hz with fiber optic interface has been provided, equipped with both peripheral identification measures authorized display as well as with the function of interrupting the display when opening the room door.

Both the configuration and the special security functions of the equipment are flexible and allow a high degree of adaptation to the specific requirements of the beneficiaries.


For more information, please check the product data sheet here.