Romanian light armoured vehicle

Absolute premiere for the local defense industry: BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY launches the VLAH project, the first Romanian light armored vehicle

Bucharest, 15 February 2022: VLAH is the first combat vehicle in the range of light armored tactical vehicles (ATBTU), designed and developed with Romanian resources and know-how of the company BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY

The implementation of the VLAH (Autonomous Hydrated Fighting Vehicle) project will start at the beginning of 2022 and represents the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY proposal for equipping Romania’s national defense system with a state-of-the-art means of combat, which will be produced in the country. The finished product of the project is a light 4×4 armored car, weighing 9 tons and integrated into the national defense industry. It is the first armored vehicle that can be made entirely in the country and is just one example of local development capabilities and possibilities

In the process of assembling the technical solution, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY was looking for a strong partner in the military car industry, which can provide a solid foundation, corresponding to a future armored car production line in Romania. Thus, on February 14, 2022, a collaboration contract was signed with Zetor Engineering, a company from the Slovak Republic, an internationally recognized manufacturer of armored cars, with 75 years of experience in the automotive industry

History has always shown us the need for a country’s independence, to strengthen its own capabilities and to diversify its internal resources. Likewise, history always shows us the need to look to the future and find the best solutions that provide stability and protection. And the pandemic period reinforced this need to find the necessary resources nationally, precisely in order to be able to respond to both current requirements and potential crises”

Constantin Pintilie, Founder & CEO BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY.

First Romanian Light Armoured Vehicle

Design of the armored vehicle began earlier this year, followed by a significant investment in the production, testing and approval of the prototype. It will be the largest project in the Romanian car industry and a premiere for the national defense industry.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is a well-known name among the manufacturers of innovative security and defense solutions, developing unique products of modern engineering, which meet the needs of the Romanian technology industry. Through VLAH, the company aims to capitalize on these native qualities of Romanians, through a sustainable development strategy, which will infuse capital in high-tech industrial sectors. VLAH is a long-term commitment of the manufacturing company to the Romanian defense sector.

The VLAH project will represent an opportunity for the robust development of the automotive sector of the Romanian defense industry and the existence of local resources and capabilities is vital.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY supports the existence of a common interest in encouraging local production and the need to ensure the continued existence of safe and accessible resources, regardless of context. The company’s vision is to develop and produce locally high-tech and innovative solutions and products and this project is definitely a Romanian one.

Editors’ note:

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY started its activity in the private defense industry in 2016 and offers its customers, from the market leader position, IT security solutions, electromagnetic shielding solutions, software applications and engineering, radio and telecommunications solutions. The company has in its portfolio RENAR Accreditation according to which, through the TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and shielded enclosures, it meets the requirements SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and ORNISS Accreditation, according to which it is certified as a manufacturing entity in the TEMPEST field, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities, in in accordance with the Methodology on the accreditation of entities carrying out production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15. At international level, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the Romanian company that has managed to meet all the criteria required to be recognized in the European Union as a TEMPEST producer and which met NATO accreditation criteria.