BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY has gained NATO recognition

Today, 28.01.2021, the company BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY obtained the recognition of NATO (North Atlantic Treathy Organization) as a producer of TEMPEST, thus becoming the only company in Eastern Europe that receives this official recognition.

The list of companies recognized by NATO as TEMPEST producers can be consulted here: NIA – NATO Information Assurance. There are currently only 31 companies worldwide that have obtained this accreditation: 9 from the USA, 9 from Germany, 3 from the United Kingdom, 3 from Norway, 2 from Canada, one company from France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and starting today, a company from Romania – our company.

The only Romanian company recognized by NATO as a TEMPEST producer

Obtaining this recognition was one of the strategic objectives of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, set since its establishment in 2016. To achieve this objective significant investments were made, endowments with appropriate equipment, training of specialists, development of production capacities, completion of all stages necessary for this recognition.

The accreditation of the “TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and screened enclosures” of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY and implicitly the inclusion of our company on the list of NATO approved TEMPEST vendors, also meant the successful completion of the following steps:

On National level:

  • RENAR accreditation, according to which through the TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and screen enclosures, meets the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and is competent to perform testing activities.
  • ORNISS accreditation, according to which BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY S.R.L. is accredited as a TEMPEST production entity, with TEMPEST assessment capabilities, in accordance with the Methodology on the accreditation of entities carrying out TEMPEST – INFOSEC production activities 15.

On International level:

The process of actually obtaining this NATO recognition took almost a year, after investments and preparations started a long time ago. The accreditation plan and the necessary steps in this direction were started before knowing the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic generated.

However, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY never deviated from its intended purpose. With this determination we managed to bring our company to the top of TEMPEST manufacturers nationwide and to win the trust of our customers.

We believe in our capabilities and we have invested time, perseverance and knowledge in them, through a team of professional and dedicated engineers. Their expertise will pave the way for the international specialized market TEMPEST, thus exploiting the opportunities opened by the recognition of the EU and NATO.

In the official mission, declared, of our company is found the following fragment: “Let’s meet the standardization criteria imposed by national, European and NATO bodies”. Today we can say that we have achieved exactly what we set out to be, being consistent and guided by a common goal, reflected in everything we research, develop, build, and produce.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is a Romanian company, with activity in Romania and own production. On each list in which the name of our company will be found, it will refer to the tricolor of the country.

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