A new Romanian product destined for the training of the personnel from the national defense services

Bucharest, 22nd of April 2021

The Romanian company BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY delivered in April c.y. the latest product developed locally, an innovative solution for light weapons training of personnel in national defense structures – TRAINING POLYGON.

The first range, from a series of solutions to modernize the training structure for all national defense personnel, is available starting this month. The project was realized through the sustained effort of research, development and production of a customized solution, a brand of the 100% Romanian technological innovation company, which meets the NATO accreditation criteria.

This project incorporates the latest technologies for training grounds, including intelligent target systems and automatic trolleys mounted on carousel structures, through which shooting personnel will be able to experience the realistic dynamics of a shooting exercise. The training session is permanently managed through the control / access system, constantly communicating with all the terminals of the polygon. Through this control system, multiple and varied combat scenarios are generated, simulated in a real and pragmatic environment, but extremely safe at the same time.

Being a customized solution, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY also introduces its latest design for the bullet collector as well as architectural solutions for ballistic protection of the firing area. The integration of the complex and complete ensemble of a training ground would not have been possible without a rigorously designed architectural structure. The solution was built through the partnership between Ubitech Constructii SRL, Ascon Serv SRL and Leviatan Design SRL. Due to their individual professionalism and multilateral perspective, the association of the three reputable companies in the construction market offered BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY the opportunity to assert modern technologies for defense in this branch.

Our goal is to support the activity of the Ministry of National Defense and to make a significant contribution to the defense industry, through innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, designed to improve national security and response capacity of the Romanian army,” said Constantin Pintilie, CEO and Founder of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY.

Along with the training ground, the company has in its portfolio state-of-the-art technological products and services: TEMPEST equipment and related services, electromagnetic shielding solutions, container and building shielding solutions, radio and communications equipment, surveillance, detection and alarm systems, integrated security solutions, access control systems.

Considering the high-tech field in which it operates, the company constantly invests in research, development and professional training (courses, specializations, performance equipment). The main advantage of the Romanian company is the human asset represented by top specialists, with solid expertise and vast experience, through whose effort all the innovation solutions that propelled the company to the position of important competitor in the international specialized market were identified and developed.

Note to editors:

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY started its activity in 2016, in the private defense industry and offers its customers, from the market leader position, IT security solutions, electromagnetic shielding solutions, software applications and engineering, radio and telecommunications solutions. The company has in its portfolio the RENAR Accreditation according to which, through the TEMPEST Measurement Laboratory and shielded enclosures, it meets the requirements SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and the ORNISS Accreditation, according to which it is certified as a TEMPEST manufacturing entity, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities, in in accordance with the Methodology on the accreditation of entities carrying out production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15. At international level, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the Romanian company that managed to meet all the criteria required to be recognized in the European Union as a TEMPEST producer and which met NATO accreditation criteria.