Volunteering for HOSPICE, Casa Speranței

On May 14 current year, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY has taken a break from innovation, research and production. The offices, the hall, the laboratory and the warehouse were at rest for a whole day, and if you looked for us on the office number, we are sorry that we could not answer you, because we were volunteering for HOSPICE, Casa Speranței.

Where were we?

You could have found us on Tămăioarei Street, Nr. 121-123, Sector 2, Bucharest, at the HOSPICE, Casa Speranței, where the entire BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY team mobilized and reconditioned approximately 20% of the entire center, becoming one of the largest teams of volunteers of the HOSPICE foundation, Casa Speranței.

Since 2019, our company has interacted and supported the activity of HOSPICE, an NGO that deals with palliative care, changing the lives of those living with an incurable disease, through care and compassion, offered unconditionally, in order to give dignity and hope.

Our support is reflected in countless initiatives and gestures that we make constantly throughout the year, but the activity of May 14, 2021 allowed us to be more present, involved and dedicated than we have been so far.

Who is HOSPICE, Casa Speranței?

HOSPICE Casa Speranței, a Non-Profit Organization established in Brașov, in 1992 has introduced the concept of palliative care in Romania.


HOSPICE is the largest foundation in the country offering free palliative care services. The organization runs two hospitals in Braşov and Bucharest, as well as mobile teams in Făgăraş and Zărneşti, for the care of patients diagnosed with incurable illnesses. HOSPICE has developed complete palliative care services, offered in day centres, in patient units, out patient units, as well as in the patient homes and in the partner hospitals. In its 29 years of existence, HOSPICE has brought comfort and hope to approximately 40.000 children and adults suffering from an incurable illness.

Their story is full of admiration, being the only organization offering the full range of palliative care services, all for free.

How did we help?

We arrived at the center in Tămăioarei Street at 9:30, armed with rollers, brushes, gloves and all the necessary logistics to complete the proposed tasks. The volunteer activity ended around 15:00, when we celebrated together with the HOSPICE team a full day, but extremely important both for us and for them.

We met the people, their team, employees and volunteers, who constantly invest work, time and soul for all those who need help, and for one day, we were a little of them, by volunteering for HOSPICE.

Under the best and safest organization, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY volunteers whitewashed, varnished, painted, cleaned and arranged the areas that needed refurbishment.

The satisfaction is enormous and is felt even at this moment, when you read our article. Thus, HOSPICE patients can benefit from the best treatment offered in the best and most beautiful conditions by the HOSPICE foundation, and we are proud that we were able to contribute to their comfort.

We noted May 14, 2021 in the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY calendar to remind us of perhaps one of the most productive days our company has had over the years. No innovations, no research, no projects won, just us and the same spirit of perseverance and dedication, given this time to every patient of the HOSPICE center, and to all the people who will ever need their services.

We thank the HOSPICE team and foundation, Casa Speranței, for everything they do, but also for letting us be part of their family!