The only Romanian company certified TEMPEST at European Union level

As of today, 08.12.2020, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the only Romanian company certified TEMPEST at European Union level, officially listed among the TEMPEST certified companies recognized by the European Council.

The list of TEMPEST certified companies at European Union level is an official list issued by the Council of the European Union and you can find it at

The only Romanian company certified TEMPEST at European Union level

This recognition ranks our company among the only 5 entities in the European Union, accredited as TEMPEST manufacturers. Moreover, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the only company at European level that meets all 8 indicators considered by the EU representative of compliance with the required standards:

1. ISO 9001:2015

2. Development of TEMPEST equipment 

3. Production short tests 

4. Production of TEMPEST equipment

5. Production of zoned equipment

6. Sells TEMPEST equipment

7. Sells zoned equipment

8. Self certification*

*Degree of self certification: The authority of self-certification of a prototype of an IASG 7-03 level A equipment

Since its beginning, one of the company’s main objectives has been the fulfilment of all NATO accreditation requirements and BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY certification among EU-validated companies. Steps have been taken to achieve this, significant investments have been made, production capacity has been expanded, a team of experts has been formed, every effort and diligence has been made to meet the validation criteria.

Here we are at the end of 2020, fulfilling that objective of being accredited at EU level as TEMPEST producers. This was made possible by dedication and perseverance, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY being a company recognized for the high performance in the area of activity and tenacity in achieving the proposed objectives.

In this process we have been guided by one thing, namely, the fulfilment of one of the directions of our mission, namely ‘Let us meet the standardisation criteria imposed by national, European and NATO bodies’, and by this directive we raise ourselves, but more importantly, we raise the flag of the country on as many pillars of recognition, appreciation and due respect as possible.