BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY has obtained the Accreditation Certificate as a TEMPEST manufacturer

”To meet the standardization criteria imposed by national, European and NATO bodies.” – part of the officially declared mission of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY.

By obtaining this certificate, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY becomes the only private entity in Romania accredited as a TEMPEST manufacturer.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY – Accredited as a TEMPEST manufacturer

Having the Accreditation Certificate as a TEMPEST manufacturer, issued by ORNISS, we mark one of the most important stages in the process of developing and expanding our activity. The complexity and long time of the accreditation procedure reflects the company’s desire to excel and bring everything we achieve in terms of performance.

By the above-mentioned certificate we declare that S.C. BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY S.R.L. is accredited as a manufacturing entity in the field of TEMPEST, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities. These official competencies are in accordance with the Methodology on the accreditation of entities carrying out production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15.

The capacities mentioned in the certificate were evaluated both within BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY and in our own TEMPEST Laboratory for Measurements and Shielded Enclosures. The entire accreditation process was carried out under the close supervision of a specialized commission at national level.

According to the final decision submitted by the Office of the National Register of State Secret Information, through the Certificate of Accreditation as a TEMPEST manufacturer issued, we meet all the necessary requirements to be able to test and verify your equipment.

ISO 17025 – Mandatory clause for the issuance of the Accreditation Certificate as a TEMPEST manufacturer

The list of mandatory criteria included in the ORNISS certification process includes obtaining RENAR accreditation. The latter certifies that BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, through the TEMPEST Laboratory for Measurements and Shielded Enclosures, meets the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 and is competent to perform specific activities.

Specifically, all the equipment we use in the TEMPEST testing, verification and measurement processes is calibrated at an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, at EU level. An extremely important feature, given that this unit calibration is found in few laboratories in the European Union.

The RENAR accreditation for ISO 17025 brings considerable benefits to the company to the internal activities we carry out, but especially, an opening to the international market, in the field of TEMPEST.

What follows?

”We won another battle, but the war is not over.” We are preparing for the next stage, namely: we have already begun due diligence for NATO and EU accreditation.

Through everything we achieve every day for BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, we want to bring the flag of our country to the list of international recognition in the field of TEMPEST and beyond.

ORNISS – Office of the National Registrar of State Secret Information

ORNISS is a public institution in Romania, subordinated to the Government. It exercises attributions of regulation, authorization, evidence and control in the field of protection of classified information, of the National Standards for the protection of classified information in Romania and of the Norms regarding the protection of classified information of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Romania. More information about their activity can be found on the website:

RENAR – Romanian Accreditation Association

RENAR is a non-profit, non-profit organization in Romania, which is officially recognized as a single national accreditation body. It operates under the coordination and under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy. More information about their activity can be found on the website: