Transportable TEMPEST Rack

We introduce the latest equipment from our own TEMPEST production line.

The transportable TEMPEST rack, made using a SKB 3RS box, is the ideal solution for your IT equipment, which needs to be used in extreme conditions.

Transportable Rack 3RS SKB

The 3BS static transport housings from the SKB series are lightweight, shock-resistant, waterproof, dust-resistant, heat-resistant and chemical-proof, perfect for protecting and transporting sensitive electronic equipment.


These rack models are suitable for IT equipment such as routers, switches, storage and communications devices. Their applicability is found especially in the military, security and broadcasting fields, where maximum protection is required.

Usage conditions

The transportable TEMPEST rack can be used in the most extreme environments and conditions, while your equipment will continue to operate and remain protected. Moreover, all 3RS housings are independently tested and MILSTD 810-G certified.

With each product we offer, we make a considerable contribution to modern engineering solutions, always looking to improve equipment, services and the IT perspective.