Fire prevention system OXY-Safe for ICU

Fire prevention system OXY-Safe for ICU – The latest innovation of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY (BST), in partnership with the Military Technical Academy ”Ferdinand I” (ATM). The device has the role of preventing explosions generated by the invisible accumulation of oxygen in ICU areas.

Today, after a long period of material and intellectual resources invested, we interrupt our absence from the online environment and announce the latest innovation of the R&D department, composed of BST and ATM researchers – Fire prevention system OXY-Safe for ICU.

Oxygen leaks due to intensive use in ICU chambers (and not only) form a dangerously flammable concentrated “blanket” of oxygen on the floor, due to high density of the gas. The risk of an explosion is inevitable, as even the slightest spark can trigger a devastating scenario.

The development of the OXY-Safe system has been strongly stimulated by the desire to prevent harmful situations that may occur in the scenario specified above. Designed to have the highest possible applicability rate, and can be integrated into existing security systems, it notifies through visual and sound alarms when the normal oxygen level in the room is exceeded and thus causes the staff to take the necessary measures to reduce it.

The silence of a researcher predicts the noise of innovation.”

Constantin Pintilie

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