VLAH project Update

14th of June, 2022: BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, in collaboration with Zetor Engineering, publishes the first technical details obtained following the feasibility study.

VLAH – Technical details for the first Romanian light armored vehicle

Romanian Light Armored Vehicle (ATBTU)

Light Armored Car (ATBTU), a project announced at the beginning of this year (here the news), whose progress was presented exclusively at BSDA2022, today enjoys a massive media success, as they appeared and we present the results below. the first stage of the project – Feasibility Study.

The first Romanian light armored vehicle (ATBTU), VLAH, represents the proposal of our company for equipping the Romanian Army with a means of combat that will be manufactured 100% in Romania. The finished product is going to be a light armored 4 × 4 car, with a weight of 7 tons and a power load of 2.5 tons, totaling a maximum weight of 9.5 tons. Our goal is for the ballistic protection of the passenger compartment to be at least Level 1, according to the STANAG 4569 standard, and for explosion protection to be at least level 2a (according to STANAG 4569).

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY intends to develop the VLAH project in partnership with Zetor Engineering, which, on the occasion of the BSDA2022 exhibition, presented a Zetor GERLACH ATV armored vehicle, a viable landmark for the future Romanian vehicle.

Results of the Feasibility Study

In accordance with the research-development contract regarding the newest BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY project, the feasibility study for the realization of the first light armored vehicle made by a Romanian company was completed.

A German model from MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH was chosen for the running gear of the vehicle. As for the gearbox, VLAH will have a new 8-speed model, supplied by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. A significant advantage is the distribution of gears, which can achieve the automatic transition of the 4 × 4 car from hard to easy and vice versa, when necessary, without having to stop the vehicle while driving.

„The obvious advantage is that when there is a threat, the car can change direction regardless of the terrain, without wasting precious time in which the crew would be vulnerable”

Constantin Pintilie, Fondator & CEO

The prototype will be equipped with an all-wheel drive system from ZF Friedrichshafen AG and from Advanced Design Solution in the Czech Republic.

A major desideratum of the company is that the VLAH armored vehicle will be manufactured within Romania’s borders, with as few elements as possible from outside the country, but from the European Union, which is why the all-wheel drive stem and axles are part of the first phase of technology transfer in Romania.

The solution we propose allows easy integration of new technologies, for example changing the engine to an electric one, creating a new, silent hybrid vehicle. Also, given the rapid pace of development of technology for sensor systems, the car can be equipped with an electric generator connected to the engine shaft, to ensure the necessary level of energy. This is extremely important, because these integrated sensor systems considerably improve the safety of the crew, giving them an increased degree of environmental awareness, and therefore a much more precise mobility/maneuverability.

The Ministry of National Defense announced at the end of 2021 the intention to purchase over 1,000 new light armored tactical vehicles, in 9 basic variants .According to the specifications in the document published by MApN, we want a higher percentage of such products manufactured and purchased in Romania, which greatly encourages both the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY initiative for the armored car prototype and our entire philosophy, to produce as much as you have “in-house”, with our people and capabilities.

Features of the VLAH armored vehicle

Crew: 1+4

Ballistic protection: STANAG 4569 Vol. 1 Lev.3

Mine protection: STANAG 4569 Vol.2 Lev. 2a, potential 2b

Turning radius: 7,5 m

Passing over obstacles with a height of 0.9m

Water passage depth: 1,2m

Range with a 200 liters tank: 600km

Maximum speed: 125 Km/h

Total weight: 7250 kilograms

Payload: 3000 kilograms

Note for editors:

Bluespace Technology started its activity in 2016 in the private defense industry and offers its customers, from the position of market leader, IT security solutions, electromagnetic shielding solutions, software applications and engineering solutions, radio and telecommunications. The company has in its portfolio the RENAR accreditation according to which, through the TEMPEST measurement laboratory and shielded enclosures, it meets the requirements of SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and the ORNISS accreditation. It is certified as a manufacturing entity in the field of TEMPEST, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities, in accordance with the Methodology for accreditation of entities performing production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15. At international level, BlueSpaceTECHNOLOGY is the Romanian company that managed to meet all the criteria imposed to be recognized at EU level as a TEMPEST manufacturer and that met the NATO accreditation criteria.

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