Umbrela Strategică – Constantin Pintilie, CEO and Founder of BlueSpace Technology: The procurement system needs to be reformed, the American model is remarkable

Procurement procedures in Romania need to be re-examined, as the American model, which finances two similar projects, is “exceptional”, declared for Umbrela Strategică Constantin Pintile, founder and CEO of BlueSpace Technoloy, the only local company accredited by NATO as a TEMPEST technology manufacturer.

“The procedure should be re-examined and the most correct solutions identified so that companies that want to produce, that want to participate with their products can do so” declared Constantin Pintilie.

Constantin Pintilie also declared that the poor training of buyers leads to arbitrary, often “aberrant” qualification thresholds.

 Buyer doesn’t bother with other relevant analyses.

“The buyer often comes in and introduces a qualification threshold and says: similar experience in that product/system, have done another one, of huge value, at which he usually buys. It happens because of the poor preparation of the buyer, who doesn’t want to bother with other relevant analyses, for example: the logistic capacity of a supplier to manage the contract, the human capacity to have professionals, people trained in that field.” commented the businessman.

Often, the customer “may want a certain product, but can’t express it clearly” or “simply got the technical specification from somewhere and then it’s the same thing, and someone has told them that this product is a good one, used I don’t know where”, he added.

“What’s really going on? The procurement procedure is open, you find it on a public system, you can find it, but what can you develop in 30 days until submission, you as a unit that has R&D, you want to produce, you have applied research on the product, you want to make product in the country? How could you develop a product in your country in 30 days? You don’t stand a chance,” said the CEO of BlueSpace Tech.

The American model is exceptional, funding two similar projects

Constantin Pintilie said that projects should be discussed with potential customers, beneficiaries, with an anticipation of one to two years, there should be a forecast of projects and funding from certain funds from banks, for the realization of a prototype in the project.

From this point of view, he believes that the American model is “exceptional” because it funds two similar projects.

“The American model is exceptional; it funds two similar projects. For example, in my company I ask colleagues for two solutions, from which I choose the one with the best score. Maybe that would be a way. The buyer should call us in advance, make a fair, fair competition of solutions and we should start working. There are brains in Romania, there are people who want to do, they are used in Romania”, is the opinion of the head of BlueSpace.

Some Romanian companies should be accredited by the government, based on precise criteria

The CEO of BlueSpace Tech said that part of the major defense projects “can be done in the country”, one way being “the accreditation of some companies at government level”.

“Part of the major projects can also be done in the country. The solution would be to accredit some companies at government level. Put some indicators of solvency, experience, technology, research, financial. And accredit a few companies with which the government or the buyer can access a major project. I am convinced that Romanian companies can be part of any project”, Pintilie detailed.

Furthermore, he believes that the private defense industry should be recognized as part of the country’s industrial production and defense system: “It should be put in a fair and direct competition with the state industry, in order to create a mirror of the state industry. When you don’t have a mirror, you think you are the best and the most beautiful, in reality things are different and then a competition based on fair criteria would lead to real progress”.

“Duplicity characterizes us. We have the slogan “we help industry”, but in reality nothing or nothing impressive, nothing that really helps. We’re struggling alone, we’re fighting with big companies. We often skate on empty, at our own expense, on our own hopes,” said the founder of BlueSpace Tech.

Reform the procurement system or “pull the plug” at 4 p.m.

Constantin Pintilie believes that without a reform of the procurement system, companies can’t make domestic products, they can only import and deliver products made by other foreign companies.

“I think that what is happening today, the poor qualification of buyers leads to the imposition of these conditions: a similar experience, the value of the contract, the same product has been made and that’s it, they’re done, they’ve closed the subject, they’ve done their job, they’ve gone home, it’s 4 p.m.”, summed up Constantin Pintilie, general director of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY.

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