VLAH is the first combat vehicle from the range of light tactical armoured vehicles (ATBTU) designed and developed in Romania. The light armoured 4×4 vehicle, with a weight of 7 tons and a power load of 2.5 tons, totalling a maximum weight of 9.5 tons. The ballistic protection of the vehicle interior is at least Level 1, according to STANAG 4569, and the protection against explosions is at least Level 2a (according to STANAG 4569).

The VLAH project is developed in partnership with Zetor Engineering. The running gear of the vehicle is produced according to a German model from MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH. The gearbox has 8 gears, a model supplied by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, with a significant advantage regarding the gear distribution, whereby it is possible to achieve automatic shifting of the 4×4 car from heavy to light and vice versa, when necessary, without having to stop the vehicle.
All-wheel drive system from ZF Friedrichsshafen AG and axles from Advanced Design Solution in the Czech Republic.