PRESS RELEASE – BlueSpace Technology CEO Constantin Pintilie’s Participation in BSDA 2023

Constantin Pintilie, CEO of BlueSpace Technology, took part in the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace (BSDA) 2023 International Conference held at the National Military Circle. On this occasion, he delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of innovation for the future and the maintenance of national security.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time? Our individual, professional, and personal future depends on our creative and innovative capacity. Creativity and innovation are essential for the professions of the future,” stated Pintilie.

This year’s BSDA conference focused on the Challenges of security and safety in a continuously changing environment & advanced technologies. The company’s CEO opened the panel on Order, Safety, and Cybersecurity.

“The differentiating factor of BlueSpace Technology across all business segments is undoubtedly our in-house production capability, research, and development. This provides us with flexibility, speed, and expertise in finding the best solutions for our clients. The research and development component is what allows us to develop and implement things that are useful to those around us,” declared Constantin Pintilie, founder of BlueSpace Technology.

As a novelty in the field of cybersecurity, the 100% Romanian company is currently developing an open encryption platform for Romanian government authorities or civilian applications.

“We are working on an open encryption platform to improve operational efficiency. We also aim to develop hardware equipment: data diodes that can clearly separate red/black zones, provide backups for databases, or transmit documents between two networks of the same or different classification,” added Constantin Pintilie.

The event, organized by TNT Productions Romania in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, saw the participation of government officials, leaders, and experts from the defense industry, as well as representatives from the private sector.

About BlueSpace Technology

BlueSpace Technology is a 100% Romanian company founded in 2016, the only private manufacturer of TEMPEST equipment in Eastern Europe, and the only NATO-accredited company.