BlueSpace Technology at BSDA2022

We had a unique experience as exhibitors at BSDA2022 – BLACK SEA Defense, Aerospace and Security International Exhibition 2022

Bucharest, May 25, 2022: BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY had one of the most visited booths at BSDA2022, where it was an exhibitor alongside the company’s most important strategic partners, and if you didn’t get to visit the BST stand, we invite you to browse the article below!

The BlueSpace Stand at BSDA2022

BSDA was for us a unique experience, long awaited, but above all, the most authentic business card that BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY has ever had. In the last 2 years, our company, through its projects, has been a strong topic of interest for specialized news, but on the occasion of BSDA2022 we have shown concretely our capabilities, but also the importance of their existence locally.

Although our debut at this fair, as a Romanian manufacturer in the Defense Industry, took place at the 2018 edition, this year we returned with a considerable upgrade. With a 70 sqm stand, we hosted some of our most important and strategic partners:

Theissen Training Systems Gmbh, GLOMEX, CurtissWright, Syscom Engineering, Zetor Engineering and ELKO Romania.

During the 3 days of the event, we used few words, and the equipment and solutions exhibited spoke for us. The restoration of the digital image through electromagnetic field, state-of-the-art TEMPEST equipment, high-performance targets for training ranges, but also many other innovative solutions of great interest for the Romanian defense industry populated the BlueSpaceTECHNOLOGY stand.

Romanian Light Armored Vehicle (ATBTU)

It is extremely likely that you have heard about the prototype Light Armored Vehicle (ATBTU), a project announced at the beginning of this year (here the news). During BSDA2022, the results of the first phase of the project were presented for the first time, and in the gallery below you can find the 3D projections of the chosen chassis resulting from the feasibility study.

The first Romanian light armored vehicle (ATBTU), VLAH, represents our company’s proposal for equipping the Romanian Army with a means of combat that will be manufactured 100% in Romania. The finished product of the project is a 4×4 light armored car, with a weight of 7 tons and power load of 2.5 tons, totaling a maximum weight of 9.5 tons. Our goal is that the ballistic protection of the passenger compartment of the car is at least Level 1, according to the STANAG4569 standard, and the explosion protection is at least Level 2a (according to STANAG 4569).

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY intends to develop the VLAH project in partnership with Zetor Engineering, which, on the occasion of the BSDA2022 exhibition, presented a Zetor GERILCH armored ATV vehicle, a viable landmark for the future Romanian vehicle.

Modernization project of the TR-85 tank

Another extremely important project in our repertoire, also presented at BSDA2022 and addressed to the Romanian Army, is the project to modernize the TR-85 tank, providing a technical solution for stabilizing the turret. The project, carried out in partnership with the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I”, will also include the improvement of the optical system and the fire control system.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY brings a technical solution for earth stabilization, replacing the hydraulic system with an electro-mechanical one, to be integrated in partnership with Curtiss-Wright, who participated with us at BSDA2022 with. It also aims to extend the technical solution of the present project with solutions for modernizing the optical and fire control systems, which would significantly improve the accuracy of the tank gun.

Conference and visitors

As mentioned at the beginning, the BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY booth was one of the most popular at BSDA2022, being constantly visited throughout the 3 days of the event. During the exhibition, I had the great opportunity to discuss with a number of Romanian officials, including the Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, and the Chief of Defense Staff, Daniel Petrescu, about a series of development programs in the field of defense.

Moreover, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY representatives addressed the official delegations within the Naval and Land Forces panels, for the latter, the company being even sponsor of the event. Along with Mr. Constantin Pintilie, Founder and CEO of BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, the panel dedicated to the Land Forces was also attended by representatives CurtissWright and TheissenTraining Systems Gmbh.

See you for sure at BSDA2024

Finally, we would like to thank the organizers of BSDA Exhibition Team, TNT Productions, LLC for this platform, through which we were able to convey BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY’s message so well.

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that this event was essentially our best business card, because as you can see, the things that make the difference speak for themselves and when they are seen, not just told, the change takes shape and becomes much more tangible than we imagined. That’s what BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is about –change, for the better, through innovation and ambition.

If you didn’t get to visit us this year, we are definitely waiting for you at BSDA2024, with many new projects that we will bring until then to the Defense Industry!

For more media from BSDA2022, we invite you to access our photo album published on the company’s official facebook page:BSDA2022

Note for editors:

Bluespace Technology started its activity in 2016 in the private defense industry and offers its customers, from the position of market leader, IT security solutions, electromagnetic shielding solutions, software applications and engineering solutions, radio and telecommunications. The company has in its portfolio the RENAR accreditation according to which, through the TEMPEST measurement laboratory and shielded enclosures, it meets the requirements of SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and the ORNISS accreditation. It is certified as a manufacturing entity in the field of TEMPEST, with TEMPEST evaluation capabilities, in accordance with the Methodology for accreditation of entities performing production activities in the field of TEMPEST – INFOSEC 15. At international level, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY is the Romanian company that managed to meet all the criteria imposed to be recognized at EU level as a TEMPEST manufacturer and that met the NATO accreditation criteria.

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