Development of new UAV technologies

Development of new UAV technologies

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY concluded on Wednesday, July 1, a scientific research and development partnership together with the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați. The parties involved are considering a long-term collaboration that will make a significant contribution to the field of innovation of modern engineering, especially the area dedicated to the development of new UAV technologies.

The design of the approached perspectives and the manifestation of the curiosity for the opportunities offered by the technological advance, simultaneously with the passion for science and knowledge, led to the identification of multiple topics of common interest. Thus, a collaboration with an innovative and topical theme was signed among the institutions with a technical profile and not only.

The most important objective of the agreement is to develop new UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technologies, also known as drones. The range of application areas of such systems is vast and complex, these robotic aircraft being already found in multiple industries worldwide.

The specifics of the activity supported by the mentioned partnership will consist in the development of fixed wing drones. Such systems involve lifting from the ground by a launch pad, being suitable for long-distance missions, such as mapping, surveillance and defense, where resistance is an important factor.

Through this collaboration, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY together with the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați will materialize an initiative dedicated to innovation and technological progress, both for partners and especially for the local research, development and implementation industry.

Why UAV technologies?

Our interest is to invest in the Research & Development department as much energy and resources as possible through which we feed the new concepts coming from such collaborations. Innovation, born from a solid foundation of specific knowledge, is the core of our entire business and the main reason why we always manage to set new limits in the field of activity.