The ventilation and monitoring system for critical medical care

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, together with the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I“, had the special honor to present on Wednesday, 06.05.2020, THE VENTILATION AND MONITORING SYSTEM FOR CRITICAL MEDICAL CARE, designed to support both medical institutions and authorities in the fight the current pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and divided multiple industries, both globally and locally. From the point of view of SMEs, the current crisis can drastically influence their future, with insecurity forcing many companies to abandon their innovation. And beyond the business world, this pandemic has affected man and brought him fear, suffering and sadness.

But we, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, have decided not to let this virus stop us. On the contrary, we chose to face it directly, with multiple and varied technical skills and professional knowledge that we have acquired in all these years of activity.

In the development process we benefited from a team of engineers and specialists, with experience and a high level of training in specific fields.

The outcome of the collaboration between BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY and the Military Technical Academy, for this project, is a ventilation system close to the standard industrial performance.

For about two months, the entire team dedicated to this process spent long days in laboratories and scientific research in order to be able to present on Wednesday a tangible proof of will and determination.

We are extremely proud that we can contribute to such a milestone for the technological and medical industry in Romania. We confidently support the Ministry of National Defense in protecting people on all possible levels.

„Our company’s vision is to develop and produce locally, in Romania, innovative solutions and products of high technology.”

These are the words on the basis of which everything we design, develop and produce can be achieved. We strongly believe that only with a strong vision can we give meaning to our entire activity.

For BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, the Ventilation System is not just a moment of affirmation. The medical technology industry has saved more lives over time than we can imagine.

Therefore, our greatest satisfaction will be when we can give another chance to those who need it.