The Bluespace TECHNOLOGY – CN ROMARM SA association has been declared winner by Romtehnica

On March 9, 2020, the association formed from S.C. BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY SRL and CN ROMARM SA were declared winners in the procedure organized by CN ROMTEHNICA regarding the provision and implementation of two extremely important projects for security structures, namely “Type 2 shooting range” and “Type 3 shooting range”, projects with a total value of 25.41 million RON.

The equipment and systems framed within these projects are manufactured in Germany by Theissen Training System GmbH. The aforementioned company has a history of more than a century in the design and production of equipment for Polygons, being among the top producers in this field, a fact due to their vast experience, world renown but especially, the services offered, high quality and last performance.

Through this new project, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY continues its activity started in 2016, in the area of Training and Infantry Polygons, by carrying out the first complex project for special forces within the SPP. The polygon was fully equipped with TTS certified products and the procedure was successfully completed.

Thus, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY consolidates its position as strategic partner of Theissen Training System, in Romania. At the same time, it opens the way to an important collaboration with the defense industry, respectively with CN Romarm, the main producer and direct exporter of military products in Romania.

BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY proves once again that it is a company that produces advanced systems, having in its portfolio important products for the defense field, made by a team of professionals, together with whom we have always found the optimal solution for you.