Antenna Switch in the HF range, an innovative concept on the specialized market

Between the chisel and the hammer of contemporary reality, our society has understood that technological evolution is inevitable and necessary for both the man of today and tomorrow. Countless areas of engineering have branched out over time and we have reached, in quick steps, from whole rooms full of computer systems, to the trivial and yet so complex laptop we use every day. From the highest power, to the lowest speeds and optimum performance.

If we talk about engineering, the technological ensemble could be infinite, but BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY has the great pleasure to announce its significant contribution among the advanced equipment, in one of the fields almost invariably constant in the life of each one of us, namely the Radio field.

From telephones, calls, radio stations, WI-FI and any means of communication used today, the transmission and reception of information is done through the same radio field, at different frequencies. Everything we transmit and receive from a portable device was at one point in this spider of the radio spectrum that surrounds us. From antenna to antenna, the information is passed, as in a baseball match, to finally reach the desired recipient, in a time interval of the order of seconds, anywhere in the world.

 Although, at the first interaction with this field, the volume of information that we are talking about seems unreal, their interception is not new to the general public, but the ability to control multiple interference points simultaneously and in a switching way as much as possible efficient, it is a performance that we, BlueSpace TECHNOLOGY, have managed to reach.

Thus, we introduce our newest product, Antenna Switch in the HF range, an innovative concept on the specialized market, unique at the moment in Romania and with a high level of interest for the institutions that use the radio spectrum. The equipment corresponds to the current needs known to radio communication engineers, and fulfills a set of functions necessary for the full exploitation of an antenna system integrated in such a solution.

The AS system ensures the switching of 16 RF signal inputs to the HF band, to a number of 128 radio receiver outputs. The switching device is made modularly, in the form of independent blocks / subsystems in which the specific functionalities are implemented. The structure of the equipment is non-blocking, each output being able to be connected to any of the 16 inputs, individually or simultaneously. The use of the system in question depends on a frequency band corresponding to the high frequencies, namely 1.5 MHz – 30 MHz.

Having a solid foundation based on state-of-the-art technologies, implemented by a well-trained team of qualified engineers, the Antenna Switch represents a notable contribution to the advanced era of radio devices, and the multitude of features that accompany the system, along with widespread coverage on which allows it, places the equipment at the top of the industrial chain of the specialized field.

As Mr. Gheorghe Mihail states – “With so many antennas around, we are trapped in a terrible spider of disorientation.” Indeed, it seems that we are talking about an endless maze, but current science and technologies show that no technical field it is not uncontrollable, and we are proud that we have been able to prove it.