Partnership between Bluespace Technology and the American company Transition Networks

Bluespace Technologies signed a partnership agreement with Transition Networks, Inc. in December 2017. The American company is on the American market for more than 30 years, having as clients over 67 multinational companies from the top 100 Fortune. Transition Networks is specialized in the production of active network equipment that meets the highest standards of quality. Bluespace Technology will use the equipment provided by the American company for the production of TEMPEST equipment designed and developed internally under the PangolinTM brand:

  • TEMPEST computers;
  • TEMPEST printers;
  • TEMPEST racks;
  • TEMPEST VoIP equipment;
  • TEMPEST network equipment;
  • TEMPEST peripheral equipment.

Through its partnership with Transistion Networks, Bluespace Technologies reaffirms once again it’s strong determination to offer it’s customers TEMPEST products from the PangolinTM range that meet the highest international quality standards.